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holes and not going to be able to return and increase police force quickly. and this is is a big hit to the general fund. >> oakland was not the hardest hit. san jose losing almost $4 million from a general fund. the city manager told us san jose will deal with the added difference at the end of this year. >> thank you. and residents are facing a future with fewer firefighters and less equipment. today marks the start of the fiscal year. station 29 is one of two praiting at half capacity. >> we're collecting -- expecting delayed response time. meaning if you have a fire at your house, it will probably get bet bigger and a delay to emergency medical calls. leading to a compromise in patient care. >> the brownout on top of last year's 33 closures. in contra costa county firefighters agreed to a 10% cut to avoid job losses. >> and this may be harder to find fire works this 4th of july weekend. cal fire trying to sell fire works on web sites like craig's list. it's illegal to sell online including safe and sane variety. saying they confiscate them every year. the sale is already underway
in the month of june, after a big job loss in may on the other, unemployment is up, after months of falling. >> led by silicon valley high tech industry, lawyers added nearly 29,000 jobs for june. the best one-month gain since february. the jump was a surprise considering how week the national labor market is, only 18,000 jobs were created in the same period. >> they need to do probably at least double what we've been doing so far. just to sort of see a real recovery. >> and more than two million people are still out of work. california lost nearly 1.4 million jobs and only 16% have come back. despite job growth, unemployment remained high in california, and the jobless rate ticked up for the first time since september to 11.8% last month, higher from may when it was 11.7%. and it's better than a year ago when it was at 12.4%. and an increase in unemployment rate with job growth means more people enter bid restarting their job search or moving into the state. >> and this is is a job expansion underway. not enough to get news a job growth and job recovery. >> high school graduate was one of
and all trial courts are taking a big hit. >> and plans to merge four peninsula fire departments will be presented tonight at burlingame city council meeting. this program would combine the millbrae and san bruno departments with central county fire. the merger has been approve bid all four communities. it's projected to save $540,000 per year, closing two fire stations and consolidating fumpxz. no jobs will be lost. >> and another -- cisco systems confirmed it's laying off 6500 employees, 9% of the networking qipt work force, 2100 coming from employees taking part in early retirement and says 15% lk employed at at and above the level of vice president. workers will be notified first week of august. >> another round of dead d.debt talk was out a deal. the president says progress is being made. and the republican senator says he'll slash through spending cuts and raise age at which americans receive social security benefits to 70. >> the fact is that politicians desires for career get in the way of what is best for the country well. know that. you see it every day. i'm saying it's
swert shirts and dark jean autos new details involving a shuffle bus and a big rig. witnesses tell mees the driver may have run a red light. it collided yesterday morning at spoke oek street. a 52-year-old psychiatrist was thrown from the bus and killed. three other passengers and a driver received minor injuries, serious injuries after a bicyclist hit a pedestrian at embarcadero and mission street today just after 8:00 this morning. authorities believe the woman was cross crossing the street legally with the light when hit. if it fault, the cyclist could face same legal repercussions. >> and one of the california freeways turning into a ghost road this weekend that. is going to mean a big mess for drivers in los angeles. a 10-mile stretch of the 405 is going to be closed for a major construction project. there is a look at how people are preparing for carmeggedon. >> with rap tour like like hype, the day has finally come. it's carmeggodon its funny. the term is so draumatic. >> every day is carmeggodon in l.a.. >> the freeway will be shut down in both directions for 53 hours, crews dem
not say when she will rule. the case scheduled to go to trial next month. >> big news out of silicon valley cisco confirmed it's going to layoff employees next month. and there is one predicting up to 7% of the new work force. the company recorded about $8 billion in profits last year but has had a series of disappointing earnings reports n a statement, cisco announced it will cut a billion dollars in costs. and the next abc 7 job journal hire event is tomorrow from noon until 4:00 at hotel whitcomb. and wallgreens and u.s. mint are among the businesses hiring. >> there is no progress to report tonight in raising america's debt limit. president obama met and the president said he would not agree to a short-term extension to get a deal done. >> this is not going to get easier. it's going to get harder. so... we may as well pull off the band aid. eat our peas. now is the time to do it. if not now, when? >> he says there won't be a deal if republicans won't compromise for ending tax breaks for wealthyest american autos american people will not accept in the house cannot pass, a bill tha
there are just big hot spots. most of the fire is out, and john mentioned they're going to be on the scene quite a while. and the fire makes the kind of containers you can see holding fruits and vegetable autos for those living near the plastics plant officials are warning foam stay indoors and do not want people breathing that toxic smoke. and what is this like? have you been able to smell this stuff? >> we've been able to see it in the form of grass, burned grass. there is some pieces on the ground. you can see there is some black debris, mostly grass. so it appears in water, let's show you what the sky looks like now. there is a better, frankly than it did just an hour ago. right now, things have lightened up, but you can see around 4:00 this afternoon, there was a thick black plume of smoke rising into the air, and only about a half mile southwest of the plant that went up in flames. and there is one around 3:30. and i was standing there in the office and there is another one came in at 4:30. some folks couldn't help but look. >> this is on fire, then started to move up z the firemen came. t
save environment in big league parks. he was reaching for a ball when he tumbled over a railing. it happened in front of his 6-year-old son, too. the firefighter died at the hospital. the rangers have placed a tarp over the area where he fell. >> and we're doing it out of respect for the family. so there won't be pictures taken of that area. we zront a long range strategy if anything is going to be done there at this point this n.time. >> and teams around baseball plan on wearing a black ribbon in honor of stone. the giants say they will inspect the park to be sure fans are safe there. >> bay area host another soldier in afghanistan. and his unit came under an atachblg he leaves behind a wife and two children from a previous marriage. and he was 36 years old. >>> a judge ruled a murder suspect is not competent to stand trial in the shooting death of a community leader. the 54-year-old died after being shot inside of the garage in june, police say he killed louis because he thought his childhood friend turned against him. the ruling mean ez will go to a state mental hospital. >>
, depression, mid life hypertension and obesity and diabetes. >> we went through a big depression stage. >> this 27-year-old molly made important changes. >> exercise. eating healthy. staying active socially. and physically. >> they don't know whether genetics or a cop binnation led to the diagnosis but are hopeful other families will learn from the experience. >> to make the country very much aware that there is this horrible disease. and this affects young people, not just old. >> laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> white house endorsed a bill sponsored by dianne feinstein defining marriage only between a man and woman. it went to affect 15 years ago. >> because of doma couples can not take advantage of federal protection to every other married couples in the country. and believe it or not they're over a thousand federal laws and protections that are afforded to married couples. >> other members will hear testimony tomorrow from same-sex couple who's want to see doma overturned. the house speaker said it's quote the law of the land and saying that this is another effort by washington democr
of this big rig escaped unharmed after the truck overturned to southbound u.s. 101. the truck carrying several crushed vehicles being recycled for scrap. the patrol kept the ramp closed until after 3:00. and this dirt spill delayed driver as long northbound 101 through redwood city today around 11:30 this morning between woodside road and whipple avenue. the chp tells us a dump truck lost the load while driving along the freeway. the back up stretches for 90 minutes. >> and los angeles is bracing for a traffic nightmare this weekend that many are calling carmeggedon. the 405 is shutting down for construction. jet blue offering $4 flights. the airline offering flights between long beach and burbank airports for $4 each way. they're going to operate morning and evening, that price includes taxes and fees. way to make hay out of a problem there. >> and if you have ever noticed charges on your phone bill for services you never ordered, you're not alone. >> and there is michael finney with more. >> we've been investigating for about 20 years now. they got better and... now, it's worse. it's called
as from a barge on the bay. some shells are as big as bowling balls. >> there is about another location pulled out on a barge. >> and two locations will form one spectacular show over the night sky. the big event set for 9:30 tonight z thousands celebrated the 4th, a revival of the rose carnival that began in 1896 later became known as fiesta de had la roses parade. some colorful participants say it's important to celebrate what america is all about. >> this is a society where you can go in where you have a problem with the government you don't have to take a gun, you can step up and go to city hall. you can go to legislature, you can talk to them. >> the parade started in the rose garden neighborhood making its way down the ala immediata, culminating with an old fashioned picnic. classic americanna. for a list of the events around the bay area this evening as well as street closures you can go to our web site abc 7 and look under see it on tv. >> and new research out of stanford turning assumptions about the cause of autism upside down. it's something in the environment be pla
. both the 11 member civilian panel and police auditor will get to work today. they face a big first tas income probing the shooting death of charles hill on july 3. police say hill approached with a knife. they're going to get trial by fire. the world wants to see are they going to be in lock wupt police? and maybe everything is the way it should be. questions have come up. >> pro testers called for the disbanding of the police department during a demonstration that forced the closure of the civic center station last night. >> and tonight's the night some east bay students could learn whether cutting class will cost them hard cash. the kompbs yord city council meets to start talking about a curfew coming with big fines for students and parents. >> truancy sweeps netted00 students. students skipping class caused home and car break ins and students not in class costs stool skool districts a lot of money in state aid. now, one of the places where truant students hang out is toto santos plaza. it's a fine to be here out because school is out but not okay during the school year. under the pr
face-to-face with your facebook friends. a big deal announced today. >> not as hot inland the rest of the week. i'll tell you about a cooling trend coming up. >> thanks and lgs, that 60 miles per hour dust storm in phoenix that left a film of dirt everywhere you look. even at the bottom of pools. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> supporters of a measure to reform pensions of san francisco public employees has just six day owes to collect signatures to place on the november ballot. public defender stood in front of city hall, criticizing the mayor's deal with the police and fire union. he says that will cost the city $50 million more per year than his own plan. >> we're going to see more taxes, more hikes and more fees. and this is in order to cover costs. >> he says woe like to place the deal on the ballot. the spokesperson for ed lee told abc 7 news the mayor is moving ahead with the reform proposal, he vested. >> president obama made history today through social media holding the while the house first-ever twitter town hall. answering 18 questions sub
purchases like a car or big appliance to save more. >> tomorrow this car you'd save $428 without negotiation. >> i don't think a lot of people are buying expensive items these days. i have tox my stove burned out. >> and retailers have to reprogram tonight so customers will be charged correct sales tax tomorrow. >> several laws and changes will go into affect at midnight z authority owners will be required to install carbon monoxide detectors in homes and condoes and hotel rooms. and stickers like this will no longer give drivers a free pass in the carpool lane when they don't have enough passengers to drive there. and polls -- tolls going up at the golden gate bridge for truckers, people pulling trailers and any vehicle with three or more axls. drivers can go to traffic school but violations will be remaining on their records. and the state will require all students entering 7th through 12th grade to get an adolescent whooping cough shot before attending classes next year. >> california teachers delighted with legislation blocking them from layoffs this upcoming year saying school districts
. >> nobody believes that the babeor problem is anything more than a big, wet kiss to the right wing. and i mean, i mean the tea party that. is who i mean. it's too bad it's being run by a small number of people. >> the speaker's version is now being reworked. the tea party express rally went on in washington. supporters vowed not to back down. >> this president said when you call them, tell them we've got to balance the budget. >> this is where the dow dropped as it has all week, investors want a sign of a debt deal, so far they don't seem to see it. >> and on monday, president obama and speaker boehner took arguments to the nem dualing speeches. coming up at 6:00 tonight how the president and the speaker stretched the truth as we fact check their statements. dan? >> okay. thank you. >> and there is a survey showing californian who's live along the coast are more optimistic about the economy than those who live inland. according to citi bank, 61% of the los angeles residents believe job opportunities will improve over next year. san francisco is second follow bid san diego at 53%. and sacr
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in front of my house too,. >> that crash involved a big rig and a shuttle driving employees to san francisco general hospital. they collided in oak street during the commute. and a 52-year-old psychiatrist was ejected from the shuttle and died from injuries. he was an expert in psychotic disorders. three other people were hurt. one resident says that intersection is dangerous. >> this car will not stop. red light comes on, they're going through it. it's like really dangerous in front of my house, too. i have called city hall. the neighborhood called. no one will listen to us. >> and city supervisor says he heard a lot of complaints about traffic in that area and says the city commissioned a study of traffic pattern there's. >> police trying to identify the body of a woman found burning on a street in an upscale neighborhood. neighbors reported something burning in the middle of ivan hoe road around 4:30 this morning. and firefighters called police immediately. investigators believe it was dumped there, then set on fire. and upsetting news for residents in this peaceful part of town
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17